Consumers worldwide can now essentially shop the planet.  
Corporations now contribute to global markets.
Yet, people are not the same everywhere.

Anthropologists help corporations to do business in other countries:  
from manufacturing to marketing.

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Global Markets
A VirtualConsumerLand Planet™ is under construction. For more, see below.
This page is a gateway to global business information.
Doing Business in the Global Marketplace                        Selling Products in the Global Marketplace
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A VirtualConsumerLand Planet™ is currently under construction. A SIM for every
country in the world.

This means that we are creating a computer simulation, a SIM, of people and cultures for
every country in the world. Finally, technology has reached the point where this vast
construct is possible. What an advantage this knowledge makes. Virtual ConsumerLand™
handles info on consumers who make up 18% of the world's economy as measured in GDP,
the American consumers. It has proven its worth to corporations around the world. Virtual
ConsumerLand Planet™ with make global commerce easy

Cultural Anthropology looks at people around the planet and throughout time to find out
there are certain universals and many differences. Within a population, people differ just as
within a nation, there are many cultures. Yet, the universal needs form a framework to build
the cultural identities of individuals, the individual agents populating the SIM. Everyone
needs shelter, food, water, clothing, family, beliefs, love, tools etc. and the means to attain
their needs relates to their culture.

In computer ecology SIMs, tigers are tigers, yet can be virtually created to differ, react and
"think" as an individual. Because our initial foray into modeling was based on ecology
modeling programs, we are able to create virtual individuals who "live" in this virtual world.
They will react to whatever factors are introduced. It's like they know and choose what to do
in their own world.

As our world becomes more interconnected, we need the ability to understand our fellow
citizens of Earth.  First, with our US consumers digitized and "living" in Virtual
ConsumerLand™ you can learn how they will behave with your products, from R&D to the
market, learn about competitor influence, learn of motivating factors and future purchase
plans. Let us help. Contact us:
Imagine being able to watch virtual
people from every country in the
world interact, live, think and react
to different situations supplied by
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What drives consumers?

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Where will they cut back in
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How loyal will they be to
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